The following page is an overview of teaching Python using the BBC micro:bit. The documentation can be found at the MicroPython documentation page.

Hello World !

# Write your first Hello World
# with a scrolling heart
from microbit import *

while True:
    display.scroll('Hello, World!')


The micro:bit has a built-in compass. The following code lets you use the device as a compass. Before showing the magnetic north, the device will ask you to calibrate it by moving it around.

from microbit import *

# Start calibrating

# Try to keep the needle pointed in (roughly) the correct direction
while True:
    needle = ((15 - compass.heading()) // 30) % 12[needle])


Amazing! Your micro:bit can even talk …​.

# Your micro:bit can even talk!
# Here it says "Hello World!""
import speech
import random
from microbit import sleep

# A sentence of your choice ...
sentence = "hello world!"

speech.say(sentence, speed=120, pitch=250, throat=200, mouth=200)